greatest find

Greatest Find

"Acoustically lush yet gently twangy, 'Find' is rich with hip harmonies and wisecracking homilies. With a snappy yet carefree back up, Colleen discovers strong roots in a novel combination of bendable folk, sugar-free pop and unplugged jazz." -- Maximum Ink

  1. Got You On My Mind
  2. Mean Streak - Click for MP3
  3. Benediction - Click for MP3
  4. School Days
  5. Dear Arlene
  6. Golden Treasure
  7. Venture Capitalist
  8. Never Needed (Bus Ride Song)
  9. Old Days
  10. Pickin' Up Sticks
  11. This Whole World
  12. Way I Am

"Sexton's finest effort yet. 'Benediction' is a stunning new original that soars on the strength of Sexton's impressive vocals, while 'Mean Streak' is a delicate and drop-dead gorgeous affair." -- Burlington Free Press

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