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Photo by Bunty Burgin, Iron Horse Music Hall, April 2007
Iron Horse Music Hall, April 2007
Photo by Bunty Burgin

  • Check out the Colleen in Maine video on YouTube.
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  • Next appearance: July 21-26 Reunion tour with Trina Hamlin and Lynn Deeves!

    Greatest Find

    "Acoustically lush yet gently twangy, 'Find' is rich with hip harmonies and wisecracking homilies. With a snappy yet carefree back up, Colleen discovers strong roots in a novel combination of bendable folk, sugar-free pop and unplugged jazz." -- Maximum Ink

    "[Greatest Find is] Sexton's finest effort yet. 'Benediction' is a stunning new original that soars on the strength of Sexton's impressive vocals, while 'Mean Streak' is a delicate and drop-dead gorgeous affair." -- Burlington Free Press